Monarch Butterfly Doorbell Ringer (Nickel Silver)

MSRP: $59.00
Size: 3.75"H x 3.75"W x 1"D
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The Brushed Nickel Silver and Polished Chrome Monarch Butterfly Doorbell Ringer was designed by Michael Healy, an accomplished Rhode Island artisan. He has always enjoyed watching the beautifully colored Monarch Butterfly. Although the Monarch seems to be wandering in aimless flight it is in fact a marathon flyer that migrates from Canada and the northern States to Mexico each fall. The Monarch Butterfly Doorbell Ringer was designed to capture this beautiful creature at rest by your front door.The Butterfly is cast in solid nickel silver. It was hand-crafted using the age old art of foundry casting. During this process molten nickel silver is heated to over 2000ºF then carefully poured into a hand made sand mold. This mold is used only once, giving your Doorbell Ringer its individual character. The Monarch Butterfly is given a brushed nickel finish and then polished to a chrome shine. Afterwards, it is coated with a clear lacquer to protect its original finish. Your Doorknocker is signed by the Artist Michael Healy.

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