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1.  Hold your door knocker in the desired position and mark the hole locations with a pencil.
2.  Drill holes using a 3/32” drill bit about 1/2” deep. 
DO NOT drill the holes all the way through the door.* 

3.  Screw the mounting bracket onto your door using the enclosed screws. You may have to remove the door knocker from its mounting bracket to access the mounting holes. Remove the hinge screw then reattach the door knocker after the mounting bracket is screwed to your door. 



1. Turn off the power to your doorbell.

2. Remove your doorbell ringer’s mounting bracket by unscrewing the hinge screw.

3. Remove your existing doorbell and disconnect the two wires attached to it.  

4. Attach one wire to each terminal on your doorbell ringer’s illuminated LED button. It doesn’t matter which wire is attached to which terminal.

5.  Hold the mounting bracket in place and screw it in place using the enclosed screw. NOTE: There needs to be a 5/8” hole for the back of the doorbell button to recess into. In most cases the hole left by your old button will already be 5/8”.

6. Reattach your doorbell ringer to its mounting bracket and return power to the doorbell.


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